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Monday July 8th - 1:37pm

livefreeandburn ASKED: happy birthday miss x

<3 Thank you!

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Saturday February 16th - 9:10pm

Anonymous ASKED: 4, 5, 9, 30

4. I grew up in the suburbs of Pittsburgh. We’re about 10-15 from downtown which is perfect to me.
5. Does my orthodontist count? I loved him!
9. I’m sure there were a few super embarrassing moments but I can’t remember anything worse than making errors during volleyball. I didn’t get asked to prom? Idk
30. I’ve slept well into the afternoon, 4 o’clock probably.

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Tuesday January 1st - 11:29pm

Anonymous ASKED: ever made a sex tape?

Not to my knowledge.

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Tuesday January 1st - 10:34pm

Anonymous ASKED: ever had sex in public or been caught?

Nope and no, thankfully.

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Tuesday January 1st - 10:09pm

Anonymous ASKED: ever done anal sex?


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Tuesday January 1st - 7:52pm

Anonymous ASKED: how many people have you slept with

Less than 10

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Tuesday January 1st - 7:33pm

Can you guys ask me some inappropriate questions because Tuesday

Please I’m bored.

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Wednesday December 19th - 10:52pm

Anonymous ASKED: What are your favorite baby names?

I like Alice, Grace, Henry, Nathaniel, Oliver, Max, Oscar, and Sebastian.

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Tuesday September 18th - 10:02pm

going-to-be-a-better-me-deactiv ASKED: :) hows your weight loss journey going?

I’ve lost 70 pounds!

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Monday August 13th - 9:53pm

Anonymous ASKED: what made you post photos of your tits and ass on tumblr?

I like them.

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Monday August 13th - 9:53pm

Anonymous ASKED: would you ever have a threesome?

I don’t think so but I don’t know, maybe.

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Saturday August 11th - 10:34pm

georgegrowsup ASKED: i dont think youre ugly at all. the complete opposite.

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Sunday August 5th - 1:50pm

a-hidden-voice ASKED: You're definitely not ugly, you're among many women I can say that has amazing beauty. Don't post stuff like that, it's not true <3

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Tuesday July 24th - 11:13pm

Anonymous ASKED: judging by the mangums i take it you like guy's who are very large lol

Well I mean, it’s a definite plus.

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Tuesday July 24th - 10:53pm

georgegrowsup ASKED: you still have the best blog.


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