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Wednesday September 17th - 1:15pm


never pass up the opportunity to pet a dog

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Tuesday September 16th - 5:46pm

Anonymous ASKED: well this anon - diff from the other - thinks you have a nice body that is wonderful for some cuddling and movie watching :)


Monday September 15th - 5:45pm

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Monday September 15th - 3:30pm

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Monday September 15th - 1:15pm

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Sunday September 14th - 9:59pm

"When you really matter to someone that person will always make time for you …. No excuses, no lies, and no broken promises."

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Sunday September 14th - 9:56pm

"If you gotta force it, just leave it alone. Relationships, friendships, ponytails.. Just leave it."
Reyna Biddy 

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Sunday September 14th - 9:53pm

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Sunday September 14th - 9:53pm

"If it was meant to last, it would have."
Red (Orange Is The New Black)

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Sunday September 14th - 5:45pm

"Dont miss out on something that could be great just because it could also be difficult."

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Sunday September 14th - 3:30pm

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Sunday September 14th - 1:15pm

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Sunday September 14th - 11:12am

Anonymous ASKED: You have a really nice butt. It's very ripe for some anal action ;)

The first sentence was nice!

Saturday September 13th - 5:45pm

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Saturday September 13th - 3:30pm

"When she is happy, she can’t stop talking, when she is sad she doesn’t say a word."
Ann Brashares

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